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"Winding pickups the same way that it was done in the 50's is exciting and tedious a the same time. Every turn and every step has to be controlled.  There is a sound to the wire as it goes on the bobbin, a light reflection from the wire, and your own wind pattern that comes from repetition. There are specifications for materials, wire gauge, type of coating, magnet types. Specifications that where in place in the 50's and have not changed. Dimensions that make wire 42 or 43 ga., chemical composition that defines the parameters of Alnico and ceramic magnets, however the dimensions and specs are wide enough so that overlap is notable. At the end of the day it is a problem solving situation, how can you use what you have found out to make your instrument more usable for recording and stage AND garage and bedroom”.- David Budz 2017 


"I have always liked the idea of having one guitar, one amp, a pedal or two and one trip from the car to the venue. Having a guitar collection of sorts myself, I don't think there is anything wrong with lots of guitars, amps, or gear in general, but the aspect of comfort and trust in the gear that you take is crucial. I will get to the point, the chain begins at the string and the pickup,.. my job is to make a pickup that produces a even and musical response that takes away some of the worries and lets you concentrate on creating music


Most people don't want brittle or muddy tones that obscure their ideas.To address some of these classic complaints by players I started mixing magnets types thinking a milder magnet under the treble strings to take away the ice pick and brighter magnets under the bass to tighten things up made sense. Well, there was no distinct difference from string to string but the whole coil sounded different! After a lot of reading and making and listening,.. things started to make sense and the composition of the whole coil was the ticket"

"I am proud and humbled by the fact that through my relationship with a number of builders my pickups are being used by Jackson Brown, Redd Volkaert, Steely Dan and players in Paul McCartney's band as tools for their craft as well as hobbyists, studio musicians, weekend players and professional musicians". --David Budz 2017

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